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U know when you were a kid and won a game in first place and there was that little bitch who went “first is the worst second is the best” like how the fuck did that even make sense

“But if I tell you that I’m feeling depressed, I don’t want you to tiptoe around me. I’m just letting you know so that you understand that whatever it is that is dragging me down isn’t on you. That’s not your burden to bear. And even your just being around me and treating me like I’m still just another normal human being with a correctly calibrated emotional spectrum helps. Treat me like I’m me, not like I’m going to shatter at every moment. That helps more than you could ever know.”

Ella Ceron, 10 Confessions of Someone with Depression (via safeslut)


☾vulgar yet sweet☽

30 years ago today, The Breakfast Club met for detention.

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